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9 Tips for the Hurricane Season 2019

9 Tips for the Hurricane Season 2019

by Veronica Jeans June 21, 2019

What causes the most damage to boats in a hurricane?

Storm surge causes the most damage to boats, not wind. Make sure to slack your lines.

How can you protect your boat best?

Storm surge boats fare better at marinas with floating docks and tall pilings compared to fixed docks, or floats and short pilings. 

Here are some more Tips for your boat:

  • Whether battening down ashore or afloat, reduce windage by lowering antennas and removing canvas.
  • Make sure your batteries are charged—especially if you don’t have a generator that will run the bilge pumps. Wiring in extras in parallel isn’t a bad idea, since if the power goes out, so does shore power.
  • Double your dock lines on your boat, leaving the second set a bit slack of the first. This way, if the first chafe through, the doublers will be fresh for the duration.
  • Boats stored on land should be lashed to anchors in the ground, not just blocked up or left on a trailer.
  • Check your insurance policy now: Make sure you have “named storm coverage”—and be sure ask what happens if a storm rolls through without a name.
  • Locate your vessel papers and keep them safel.
  • Photograph your vessel, inside and out, in case of a possible insurance claim.
  • Act early. Hauling, tying down, moving to a hurricane hole at the last minute ensures some things won't get done.
  • Be wary of flotsam and debris lurking in the water following a storm.

Takeaway: “Be prepared”
Boy Scouts of America Motto

Get even more storm tips in our Hurricane Preparedness Guide.

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