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Advanced Hurricane Checklist For Boat Owners 2021

Advanced Hurricane Checklist For Boat Owners 2021

by Veronica Jeans, Ecommerce Queen August 06, 2021

Hurricane Barry was a nice little test for all of us to be READY.

Hurricane Season 2019 Checklist - Seabrook Marina

"It’s too early to make a confident forecast of how the upcoming hurricane season will evolve, but the tea leaves now on the table suggest that 2020 could be the Atlantic’s fifth season in a row with above-average activity. The latest harbinger is a shift in seasonal computer forecast guidance, heralding the possibility that a La Niña event could emerge later this year." ~ Wunderground

The peak of the season is in September and we can still experience a hurricane up to November.

We have amazing tenants and here are some ideas for the community:

  • Get to know your dock mates; exchange telephone numbers and agree to help each other.
  • Rehearse your mooring plan with everyone who may be involved.
  • Buy your extra line, chafe gear and fenders NOW so you will be prepared.  A hurricane can develop very quickly.


  1. Primary Mooring Lines – Check size, condition, and length.
  2. Spring Lines – Check size, condition, and length.
  3. Check vessel cleat size to be sure primary/spring lines will fit on one cleat.
  4. Chafe gear – use clear vinyl, water hose or leather (punch a hole at each end of the hose to secure it to the line with a smaller line to avoid sliding).
  5. Rehearse storm mooring procedures.
  6. Plan your evacuation route.
  7. Update insurance coverage and locate vessel papers.
  8. Photograph your vessel, inside and out, in case of a possible insurance claim.

Here are some more articles about hurricanes and how we can prepare.

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Veronica Jeans, Ecommerce Queen
Veronica Jeans, Ecommerce Queen