Safety & Courtesy Rules for Seabrook Marina


1. Be considerate of the rights of others.  All loud, boisterous or otherwise obnoxious or offensive conduct must be avoided.

2. Only Crafts in compliance with U.S.C.G. safety requirements and in sound, seaworthy condition will be admitted to the Marina.  Craft owner understands that Craft is subject to safety inspections by the Harbormaster and can be made available for such an inspection at the Shipyard work dock upon request by the Harbormaster.  All Crafts must be maintained in an attractive condition.

3. All Crafts operating in or near Seabrook Marina should at no time cause a wake.  Craft owners are responsible for damage caused by their Crafts to the property of others.

4. Activities such as swimming, fishing, or operation of any vehicles such as skateboards, bicycles, etc. on docks and piers are prohibited.

5. Docks, piers, roadways, and walkways are to be kept clear of supplies, equipment, dinghies, or any other obstructions.

6. No modification, alteration, or attachment to docks and piers will be permitted without written authorization from the Marina management.

7. No Craft fueling or fuel transfer will be permitted in slips.  Neither should fuel be stored on deck or left unattended ondeck of any Craft nor shall other hazardous conduct or procedure be engaged in.

8. All children twelve (12) years of age or under are required to wear life jackets while on docks or other areas adjoining the water; children under ten (10) years of age are not permitted on the docks or finger piers without the immediate presence of their parents or other responsible adults

9. Small crafts (dinghies, tenders, etc.) should never be moored in fairways or behind Crafts or stored on docks or piers.  They may be stored in designated areas or in the water ahead of your vessel if space and safety considerations permit.  They must be kept pumped out or covered and maintained in an esthetically acceptable and seaworthy condition.  Any damages to a dinghy, parent Craft, or other Crafts are solely the responsibility of the dinghy’s owner.

10. Mooring lines and methods of securing your Crafts are your responsibility.  Askassistance of the Harbormaster if you are not certain of adequacy.  Cost of replacing or adding lines by Marina personnel will be billed to you, as broken or defective lines constitute a hazard within the Marina.

11. Intoxication and possession or use of drugs within the Marina poses a threat to the safety of all Marina tenants and their enjoyment of Marina facilities.  Seabrook Marina will regard such activities as a breach of contract and will vigorously support and assist appropriate authorities in prohibiting such conduct.

12. No barbecue or open flame device (propane burners, etc.) shall be used on any docks or piers in the Marina.  Open flame devices, barbecues, etc. are not to be used within ten (10) feet of any building or structure per the City of Seabrook fire code, which applies to Seabrook Marina.