10 Tips for the Hurricane Season in South Texas

by Veronica Jeans June 14, 2017 2 Comments

Seabrook Marina J and I dock after hurricane Ike near Galveston Bayfrom Boating Magazine

1. Storm surge causes the most damage to boats, not wind. Make sure to slack your lines.

2. Because of storm surge boats fare better at marinas with floating docks and tall pilings compared to fixed docks, or floats and short pilings.

3. Whether battening down ashore or afloat, reduce windage by lowering antennas and removing canvas.

4. Make sure your batteries are charged—especially if you don’t have a generator that they will run the bilge pumps. Wiring in extras in parallel isn’t a bad idea, since if power goes out, so does shore power.

5. Double your dock lines, leaving the second set a bit slack of the first. This way, if the first chafes through, the doublers will be fresh for the duration.

6. Boats stored on land should be lashed to anchors in the ground, not just blocked up or left on a trailer.

7. Check your insurance policy now: Make sure you have “named storm coverage”—and be sure ask what happens if a storm rolls through without a name.

8. Act early. Hauling, tying down, moving to a hurricane hole at the last minute ensures some things won't get done.

9. Be wary of flotsam and debris lurking in the water following a storm.

10. Hurricane advisories will help save your life...... but you must help & be prepared.

Takeaway: “Be prepared”
Boy Scouts of America Motto

Do you know your Zip Zone Evacuation map?

Remember Hurricane Rita and the evacuation mess? After Hurricane Rita, state and local officials took all the written plans and converted them to easy to understand maps. Now we will have a partial or phased evacuation based on storm surge risk. Check the Zip Zone Evacuation Map to see which zone you are based. And here is a Map to print and have ready in your emergency kit.

Evacuation route maps from the Texas coast, including from Beaumont, Corpus Christi, Houston, Pharr and Yoakum, are available.

Hurricane Preparedness in Seabrook Marina
 And check out More Tips how to prepare for a hurricane at the bottom of the page.


Town of Seabrook Hurricane Preparedness Plan

Town of Seabrook Evacuation Plan

Code Red - Local Response Team Notification

University of Florida IFAS publication "Hurricane Preparedness for Boat Owners"

A Boater's Guide to Preparing Boats and Marinas for Hurricanes by BoatUS

Preparing for Hurricane Severe Weather Checklist for Boaters issued by flseagrant.org

Download your own list -  '5 Essential Hurricane Tips'


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2 Responses

veronica jeans
veronica jeans

July 15, 2017

Thanks, April…great advice.

April Cook
April Cook

July 13, 2016

I like your tip to store your boat at a marina with a floating dock to help protect against storm surges. One thing I’ve learned is to always keep your boat clean and maintained. If your boat is messy and things aren’t secured there is no telling what it will look like after weathering a storm! Thanks for all these great tips to help us get through hurricane season. http://www.southernxcleaning.com.au/marine-services

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