Sealy Technical Services

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Sealy Technical Services - Seabrook Marina Shipyard - Seabrook Texas
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Sealy Technical Services is an engineering company providing solutions to the offshore, marine, shipbuilding and boatbuilding industries. We work on projects of all sizes from small equipment supports to designing large structures and boats.

  • Structural Engineering
    • Skids / modules
    • Helidecks
    • Flare booms / towers
    • Spreader bars, rigging, and rigging components
    • Building design (industrial and offshore)
    • Accommodation design
    • Oil/Gas Structural Components
  • Weight Control & Weighing Servcies
  • Naval Architecture
    • Intact and damaged stability calculations
    • Boat / ship lines development
    • Dry docking operations
    • Vessel pre-purchase condition assessments
  • Marine Systems
    • Vessel weight and CoG management systems
    • Ballast water, potable water, waste water, cooling systems, etc.
    • Boat propulsion / powering studies

Our mission is to provide high quality naval architecture and engineering services to the refinery, maritime, and offshore industries.

On the commercial side of our business, we design offshore work boats including supply boats, large crane vessels, and lift/jack-up boats. We are also experts in the design maintenance, and certification of floating steel drydocks and drydocking operations. With 11 years of experience in the offshore oil and gas industry, we understand the need to balance cost and schedule while maintaining safety as our highest priority. 

On the yacht side of our business, we design extremely durable aluminum and steel offshore cruising yachts. I design both sailing and power yachts. I also design moderately sized expedition yachts. Used to working with extremely detailed specifications for the most discerning clients, we would love to earn the commission on your next yacht. 



American Boat and Yacht Council

Institute of Marine Engineers, Scientists, and Technology (IMarEST)


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