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Pro Yacht is proud to announce their new location at Seabrook Shipyard to service Clear Lake boating community for their haul out service needs. Pro Yacht has been serving the Bay Area since 1998. Our new location now offers all the service and services we have become known for in a more convenient location to Clear Lake and surrounding marinas.

Pro Yacht services include:
Quick Hauls, Bottom Jobs, Factory Trained Awlgrip Paint, Props/Shafts/Rudders, OEM Quality Fiberglass Repair, Gelcoat, Osmosis Blister Repair, Wood Restoration/Custom Fabrication, Award Winning Varnish, Fuel Tanks, Teak Decks, Thru Hulls, A/C design/installation, Water makers, Generators, Plumbing, Electronics, Safety Equipment, Electrical Systems, Hydraulic Steering, Engine Controls, Ground Tackle, Captain Service, and Towing. Anchor lights to rudder zincs, one call solves all of your nautical problems.
Pro Yacht will also service all of our bottoms with dive service for zinc changes on a schedule determined the boats individual needs. We start at four months after your bottom job and adjust as wear indicates.

Pro Yacht can also pick up and return your vessel for service. Scheduling a haul out can be a time consuming affair. Let our licensed captain and experienced crew worry about delays and weather, you focus on the rest of your life.



Pro Yacht strongly recommends Ablative bottom jobs for several reasons, first to protect the integrity of your hulls gel coat.
Every time your boat is sanded you are losing gel coat even with the best, most attentive labor practices and unskilled labor makes this even worse. This opens your boat to osmosis blistering, the curse of any boat owner.
ProYacht will gently remove inferior paints, apply a barrier coating to seal and protect your gel coat, then apply three coats of ablative paint.
For those not familiar with ablatives, these are paints that are made to slowly wear away like a bar of soap, always exposing a fresh layer of biocides to keep your hull as slick and clean as the day it was launched. The best part is that next time you are due for a bottom job, the hull is simply pressure washed, paint reactivated, and your fresh three coats is sprayed on and you are back in the water in half the time, without further gel coat damage.
A typical ablative bottom job has you back in the slip in 48 hours.
Our clients have been enjoying this product for several years exclusively, and many of our boats go three seasons on a Pro Yacht bottom job, all without diver scrubbing expense.