Boat & Stuff FOR SALE

We are launching the 'Boat & Stuff FOR SALE' page to our tenants. 

There are 3 different advertising packages:

Package #1
We will add your boat information to the Marina Sales page - 1 Photo and a link to your blog or website (if you have one).

#1 Price: $25.00

(You supply hi-res photos/images & link)

Package #2.
We will add your boat to the Sales page & photos/video with a link to your blog/website. We promote our Marina Boat Sales on Facebook & Google+ ( and other social media) regularly.

#2 Price: $75/month

Package #3. 
We will create 1 personal boat web page, add information to the Marina Sales page & promote your boat on Social Media. 

(#3 - Services can include photos & videos of boat for extra $$$)

Please email us at if you have any problems or questions. 

* Prices charged are to cover our web developer's costs to help us.