Boat & Stuff FOR SALE

We are launching the 'Boat & Stuff FOR SALE' page to our tenants. 

There are 3 different advertising packages:

Package #1
We will add your boat information to the Marina Sales page - 1 Photo and a link to your blog or website (if you have one).

#1 Price: $25.00

(You supply hi-res photos/images & link)

Package #2.
We will add your boat to the Sales page & photos/video with a link to your blog/website. We promote our Marina Boat Sales on Facebook & Google+ ( and other social media) regularly.

#2 Price: $75/month

Package #3. 
We will create 1 personal boat web page, add information to the Marina Sales page & promote your boat on Social Media. 

(#3 - Services can include photos & videos of boat for extra $$$)

Please email us at for a quote

Please email us at if you have any problems or questions. 

* Prices charged are to cover our web developer's costs to help us.

Payment Information
  1. First Time Payment
    • Your first payment online will be automatically logged in your account. You can access this information by login in with your email and personal password you created.
    • If you have multiple slips, each slip has to be paid individually the first time, and will be automatically added to your account. After the first payment, you can log into your account and make all your payments at the same time.
  2. Payments include all Services - electricity, live aboard fee, products, keys etc.
  3. Security of Credit Cards
    We do not store your credit card details online. We value your privacy and take our security very seriously.
  4. Details of Payment
    All your payment information is on your statement mailed to you every month. Statements are emailed to your email on file or mailed to your address on file in the marina office.
  5. Any questions, please contact the office - 281 474-2856.