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BM Boat Works
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When should my rigging be replaced?
We recommend a full rigging inspection annually or before an offshore trip to make sure everything is functioning as it should. With that said, this is a tough question to answer, there are many different variables to take into consideration when talking about the life expectancy of rigging equipment such as quality of the materials and installation, environmental conditions and water salinity amongst other factors. While there is no definite rule as to when you should replace it, there is one rule that stands: one day it will all need replacing-wire, toggles, turnbuckles, clevis pins, swage fittings and couplings. However, having top quality parts and proper professional installation on top of inspecting you're rigging for such things as poor tensioning and misalignment regularly will maximize its life expectancy. So while there is not an exact magical number of years rigging equipment should be replaced it is typically recommended to replace wires every 10-12 years for the average cruising vessel, assuming the terminals and end fittings are up to par. But it's always best to let us inspect your equipment for you, to ensure safe and happy outings on the water.
Bottom Jobs
Bottom jobs are a good investment of time and money for any boat owner. Even though boats are made for water, it can take its toll on a vessel's structure. Ignoring the bottom can lead to rotten wood and structure damage. A straightforward bottom job that needs no extensive repairs takes 2 or 3 days, then its back in the water and ready for you to enjoy again. For those of you who are not too familiar with the bottom job process we’ll give you a basic explanation as to how they are performed.