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Race to the Border 2017 for Offshore Racers & Cruisers

April 13, 2017


ATTENTION All Offshore Racers & Cruisers
Race Start: June 3rd
Destination: South Padre Island
Come Join Us for a Kickoff Party at the GBCA Clubhouse - Located in Watergate Yachting Center
April 15th, from 2-6 pm

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Boat Show Texas - South West International Boat Show 2017

April 05, 2017

Boat Show Texas - South West International Boat Show 2017

Show Hours

Thursday, April 6:             12Noon – 7pm
Friday, April 7:                   12Noon -7pm
Saturday, April 8:              10am -7pm
Sunday, April 9:                 10am -6pm

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Spring Pre-Season Checklist for Boats

March 17, 2017

Content By Boat Safe  It is that time of the year again. The weather is improving and boating is in the air!  We have found a comprehensive list for your pre-season checklist to prepare your boat for the upcoming spring and summer season.
Preparing Your Boat for the Season

In order to assure a safe and uneventful season here in Galveston Bay Texas, you need to make sure that you go through the list below and take a note of any discrepancies that need attention. 

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How to Transport Your Boat Safely

February 18, 2017 3 Comments

Seabrook Marina transportation services

A boat is an expensive investment that can often be tricky to transport if the owner does not have a vehicle and trailer capable of hauling it. Boat transportation services are designed for consumers who want safe and efficient shipping.

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Seabrook Marina Opens New Pool

February 18, 2017

seabrook Marina new pool opens

Seabrook Marina is very excited about the new pool overlooking the Clearlake channel right at the west point of the marina. So as you are cruising around the corner it has a 270 degree boat watching opportunity.

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The right size Dockline for your boat

January 18, 2017

Adequate docklines for your boat - Seabrook Texas

Adequate size docklines for the size of your vessel.

Adequate size docklines for you boat is especially important in bad weather. When leaving your boat on the dock, make sure your boat is protected from coming adrift. 

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6 Steps to learn how to fix your boat's electronics in an emergency

January 18, 2017 3 Comments

Learn how to fix your boat's electronics in an emergencyELECTRICAL REPAIRS CHECKLIST

Don’t cancel your trip or unexpectedly head back to port because of electronic or electrical failure. Here is a checklist of steps you can take to make your own emergency repairs.


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Seabrook & Kemah & Clear Lake Area Events January to May 2017

January 01, 2017

Seabrook and Kemah events - Keels & Wheels - March & April Events

Seabrook & Kemah & Clear Lake Area Events January to May 2017

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Stocking Stuffers for Boat Lovers - 2016

December 17, 2016

Aquatic Hat for Christmas

Found these cool gifts for boat owners on BoatModo who search the world to find THE BEST GIFTS for boaters, top gadgets for boat owners, holiday presents for yacht owners, super sailing tools, top fishing gear, ...

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September - December 2016 Seabrook/ Kemah Area Events - Texas

December 17, 2016

Check out Events in Seabrook - Kemah area - September - December 2016

Every Saturday from 9 - 1pm - Farmer's Market at Clearlake Shores

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Seabrook Marina Repair Yard - Contractor Spotlight

November 23, 2016

Motonautica Marine Services - Seabrook Marina Repair Yard A full scale mechanical services company with a focus on quality assurance.

We're here to help you with all of your marine mechanical needs. From mechanical inspections to troubleshooting a difficult situation to annual services and major re-powers, we're here to make your boating experience as smooth as possible. 

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New Boat Toys 2016 Shopping List for Christmas

November 18, 2016

ROV - remotely operated vehicle for underwater

Excellent article about Remote Operated Vehicles and some tips.

Underwater Remotely Operated Vehicles

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Underwater Remotely Operated Vehicles - ROV

November 18, 2016

ROV - remote operated vehicle underwater at seabrook marinaUnderwater Remotely Operated Vehicles

By David Schmidt -

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What causes the biggest boat losses every year?

September 22, 2016

Seabrook Marina fixed floating docks - how to prevent fires

Fire ranks No. 5 among all boat losses, according to BoatUS Marine Insurance Program claims files. Dig a little deeper, and those claims files also tell the six specific areas that lead to most reported boat fires. Since be­ing forewarned is being forearmed.

Here are the top culprits and some tips on how to avoid them:

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How to Report a Boating Accident

September 22, 2016

When involved in a boating accident, the operator is required by Section 31.104 of the Parks and Wildlife Code to adhere so certain actions.

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Summer Fun - July - August 2016 Seabrook/ Kemah Area Events - Texas

June 20, 2016

July - August 2016 SEABROOK/ KEMAH AREA EVENTS - TEXASJune - August 2016

June every Thursday Night - Rock the Dock - Kemah Boardwalk

June 10, 17, 24 - Fireworks Friday - Kemah Boardwalk 

Every Sat from 9 - 1pm - Farmer's Market - Clearlake Shores

May 28 - Sept 5 - 27th Annual CCA State of Texas Anglers' Rodeo

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May - June 2016 Seabrook/ Kemah Area Events - Texas

May 16, 2016

Rock the Dock 2016 Kemah Boardwalk Kemah Texas

Bay Area Events for May and June 2016, especially around Seabrook and Kemah. We curate our information from - 

Seabrook City Area Events Seabrook Texas

Kemah Boardwalk Kemah Texas

Bay Area Houston Texas

Clearlake Today Clearlake Texas

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March - April 2016 Events in Kemah & Seabrook

March 21, 2016

Seabrook and Kemah Texas events - keels & wheelsSeabrook & Kemah Events for March & April 2016

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Texas Boat Shows 2016

February 17, 2016

Texas Boat Shows 2016 - Keels & Wheels 2016 - Seabrook

Texas Boat Shows 2016

Check out all the Boatshows in Texas

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Seabrook and Kemah Area Events for August and September 2015

August 20, 2015

Check out the area events for the next month and some fishing information as well for kids.

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Seabrook Marina - Kemah Area Events - June and August 2015

July 15, 2015

Seabrook Marina area events!

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