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Tips from Seabrook Marina Contractor - O.J.'s Marine Services

Tips from Seabrook Marina Contractor - O.J.'s Marine Services

by Veronica Jeans October 30, 2019

Regular and consistent boat maintenance is the key to owning a boat that is safe and reliable, has a minimum of unexpected repair bills, looks good and retains its resale value. 

Routine inspections and maintenance are especially true of mechanical systems and anything that may allow water to penetrate the structure of the vessel, such as leaky deck fittings or thru-hulls.  

Whether a seacock valve is bronze or Marelon, maintenance is still required.  Forcing a sticking valve has been known to break off handles or loosen the seal around the thru-hull.

It is also important to inspect the running gear which includes the shafts, struts, rudders, propellers and cutlass bearings. A worn or damaged cutlass bearing is often a symptom of other problems in your running gear, for example, a bent shaft, an unbalanced propeller, engine misalignment or strut alignment.

O.J.’s Marine has a professional team of mechanics that are trained to check for damage and to make recommendations for maintenance and/ or repairs.  Additionally, these recommendations could save you money and essentially save your boat from further damage. 

Let O.J.’S Marine be a part of your routine maintenance to keep you on the water in a safe and reliable vessel.  Give us a call when you schedule your next haul-out or bottom job. 


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Veronica Jeans
Veronica Jeans