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4 Tips For Spring Maintenance For Your Boat

4 Tips For Spring Maintenance For Your Boat

by Veronica Jeans January 19, 2019

boat maintenance tips for winter and spring


Spring is a good time for your fuel system to be included in your regular inspection. Check the fuel system for corrosion and leaks around the fuel system causing corrosion. This is especially necessary for gasoline. Some less expensive fuel tank vent fittings are constructed of inferior material, lending to early corrosion and failure. Inspect the vent fittings as well as the vent hose and clamps. If the fitting is blistered or deteriorated in any way, remove it from the vessel for closer inspection, or replace it.


Spring is an excellent time to deal with the hull and topsides of your boat. Maintain the longevity of your color, whether gel coat or paint you need to wax and compound your hull to stave off the effects of oxidation, UV damage, and the harsh marine environment.


The first thing to determine is whether your props need rehab or can you clean them yourself. This is a perfect off-season job and get your boat ready for the new season.

If your props need rehab, make arrangements to have your props delivered back to you in early or mid-spring. This will save you time, plus you will be able to avoid last minute problems, such as finding out that the prop is beyond rehab and needs to be replaced. Most marinas provide this service through other shops that service props full time. Check out our contractors for Seabrook Shipyard.
When you get them back they are usually painted and ready to go. Brass props are shiny and ready for installation.

If your props just need cleaning, apply several clear coats of antifouling. This will help reduce the growth of barnacles, both for freshwater boating as well as salt water boating. Keeping your props free of foreign growth will keep your props operating at maximum performance.


Many boating failures occur as a result of corroded electrical systems, so keeping electrical components dry should be a regular part of your watercraft maintenance routine. Electrical fittings can be protected with a water-repellant, non-conductive grease or corrosion inhibitor.

  • Inspect all electrical connections for clean, tight, corrosion-free connections. Corroded connections can be dangerous.
  • Remove corroded terminals and use a wire brush to clean them, along with all cable ends.
  • Charge your battery and have it tested to ensure it can hold a charge.
  • Electrical systems should be regularly inspected by a qualified technician.

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