New Restaurant at Seabrook Marina & Shipyard

by Veronica Jeans September 16, 2017 1 Comment

The start of our new restaurant building

The new restaurant will have abundant views of the Clear Creek Channel and superlative views of sunsets on Clear Lake and 320-foot dock for boaters to tie up to.

No matter what part of the restaurant you are seated in the views will be superb.

Seabrook Marina has had a restaurant on our island since the early 1960’s with great views and clientele, until hurricane Ike. But we are happy to say we are building bigger and better.

Pilings for the new restaurant building

The old pool has been totally removed to make way for the new restaurant building. New parking space is being added as well.

construction on the new restaurant at Seabrook Marina & Shipyard, Seabrook Texas

Architectural Drawings and View of the new restaurant building

architechtural drawings for the new restaurant in Seabrook marina & shipyard, Seabrook Texas

After Long Delays - Progress

new restaurant at Seabrook Marina, Seabrook Texas


We have weathered permits and Harvey, and are moving forward in finishing the project.

Seabrook Marina Restaurant progress

Seabrook Marina restaurant progress 2017

We will update the progress of the building periodically. Keep checking back or check out our Facebook Seabrook Marina Page.


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Mike McCollom
Mike McCollom

May 16, 2017

Yay! Good to hear. Can’t wait! Do you have an idea of when you will open?

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