What will boats be like in 100 years?

What will boats be like in 100 years?

by Amanda Jeans May 17, 2018

Do you ever sit on your deck and wonder what boating will be like in 100 years? We do. Sometimes we imagine Jetson’s-like technology and upgrades, and maybe we have robots as our captains. We may be completely pipe-dreaming here!  Fortunately, the future is already here. Things like alternative energy, hybrid boating, high tech comfort, and solar power top the headlines in 2018.

What will boats be like in 100 years - Futuristic super yachts - Seabrook Marina & Shipyard Texas 

Superyachts and Alternative Energy

Superyachts have been trying to clean up their act since 2005 when restrictions grew tighter in regards to emissions.  SO what’s next? The industry seems to point to Biofuel, hydrogen gas, hydrogen fuel cells and liquid nitrogen gas (LNG).  For some LNG is the way of the future, but it comes with some limitations like higher volume, is combustible and requires more safety measures.  Others are more hopeful in the way of hydrogen. Batteries are also becoming more common, but also pose their own challenges. Read more about the future of boating and alternative energy.

Hybrid Boating Technology

Volvo released their hybrid marine propulsion concept and self-docking technology.  Their plans to release commercially are slated for 2021. Self-docking pretty much is what it says, taking the burden of docking from the driver to the boat. The hybrid fuel technology will allow the boat to operate both diesel and electric simultaneously. Read more about the future of boating with Volvo.

Tech Savvy Comforts

Seasickness. We dread it, but we can’t avoid it.  This is one area in the boating tech industry that seems to be getting some play.  Upgraded gyroscopes and other technical equipment aim to stabilize the boat, giving you an easy ride without the green face. On the  forefront, Seakeeper, provides the cutting edge idea. Read more about this futuristic device that gives those of us without our sea legs a chance.

Solar Power (makes sense right?)

Guess what? There is a Solar and Energy Boat Challenge that’s been around since 2014.  The latest and greatest in alternative boating is showcased here. “For the first time, the YCM is launching a brand new concept with the Energy Class. Engineering students and industrialists have all been given a one-design catamaran hull (all identical). Their mission has been to build a cockpit and design the most powerful and durable propulsion system from a given amount of energy. Be it Bio Fuel, battery, hydrogen, compressed air, LNG or anything else, the choice is wide, but it must be a clean source.” Want to know more about these futuristic boats? Check out this article.

Happy boating folks!

Thanks to http://osiland.com/6-yachts-maisons-flottantes-du-futur/ for the image!

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