The right size Dockline for your boat

by Veronica Jeans January 18, 2017

Adequate docklines for your boat - Seabrook Texas

Adequate size docklines for the size of your vessel.

Adequate size docklines for you boat is especially important in bad weather. When leaving your boat on the dock, make sure your boat is protected from coming adrift. 


Yacht Size
(overall length)
Primary Line Size
Spring Line Size
Up to 23 ft 3/8” 3/8”
24 ft to 32 ft ½”   ½”
33 ft to 42 ft 5/8”  ½”
43 ft to 51 ft ¾”    ¾”
Over 51 ft 1”    1”

Use only 3-strand twisted or braided nylon (no polypropylene or manila). 

Chafe gear for you dock line – water hose, clear vinyl tubing, sewn on leather (tape is not effective).

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